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Custom Coated Adhesives
Plasma Spray Masking

Plasma spray coatings are perfect for applications requiring extremely high protection levels such as: agriculture products, aircraft engine hardware, engine components, mining equipment, rotary equipment parts and pump components.

They resist temperature and abrasion and provide protection from over-spray and splash.

We carry a complete line of silicone rubber, fiberglass, aluminum foil and composite tape laminates which satisfy the demanding requirements of metal or ceramic plasma, arc spraying, HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel), and grit-blasting applications.

Each has been carefully engineered from thermally stable materials, chosen for their ability to conform to any shape surface.  Special thermally stable non-residue adhesives are applied, under strict process control, to maintain consistently uniform quality.  

The result is a group of tapes that maintain their shape, dimension, and adhesive properties -- both during and after exposure to the intense heat and abrasion of thermal spraying. 

Click Here to see Plasma Spray Masking –  Grades and Specifications

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