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About UsAbout Us

Founded in 1976 STICKON was established as a full line distributor of specialty tapes, packaging suppliesand equipment.  It remains family owned and operated, providing a complete range of products and services from the simplest supply needs to complex product development to the delivery of many kinds of new and used equipment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your first choice for your supplies … to make sure you’re so darn happy with us that you don’t want to order from anyone else!

Our Staff

At STICKON, everyone here has one common goal …  to make sure you feel as if you were our only client. We believe that customer service is the foundation to our successful business.

Our Partners

The companies we partner with are what make us strong.  Each supplier we represent is a leader in their own right and our business success relies heavily on these very special relationships.  The following list represents just some of the many associations we rely on to provide you with outstanding products and service.

     Tesa Tape
    With more than a century of product innovation in pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, Tesa® has
    grown into one of the world's largest suppliers of adhesive tape products.  In NorthAmerica, Tesa
    markets three diverse product lines: double-sided fastening tapes; masking tapes, and associated     products; and packaging tapes. These are in addition to the company's duct and specialty tape

    Adchem offers a complete line of double-coated, single-coated and transfer tape products for the most     demanding industrial and consumer applications, including fastening, laminating, mounting, holding,
     and splicing. 

    Intertape® Brand Industrial Tapes offer the most comprehensive and robust product line in the industry     with masking tapes, double coated tapes, flatback tapes, filament tapes, cloth (duct / HVAC) tapes, and     specialty products.

    Shurtape® Technologies, Inc. manufactures a wide range of quality paper masking, polypropylene,     coated vinyl, metalized cloth and duct tapes. These products service a variety of adhesive tape     applications in many markets, including: the automotive industry, the paint and sundries market, the     HVAC and construction industries, the power and utility industry, as well as the military and aerospace     industries.

    Since their inception in 1949, Pres-on has grown into three specialized divisions, each dedicated
    to their respective expertise in Adhesive Coating, Foam Tape & Gaskets, and Merchandising.

    Straub Design
    Straub Design has extensive experience developing and manufacturing equipment for automatic     assembly, automatic web converting systems, labeling systems, and automated taping machines. 

    Start International
    START International has been solving customer's application needs with products serving
    manufacturing industries since 1981. START International brands of Electric and Automatic Tape     Dispensers and Label Dispensers are adding value to production lines around the world. Their Tape     Dispensers and Label Dispensers are designed for just about any application.


     Adhesive Tapes
        STICKON provides many options when it comes to the custom design and coating or the
        manufacturing of  special adhesive tapes for special applications.

     Release Liners
        We can provide all types of standard silicone-coated release liners and special liners.

    Custom Coating
        We specialize in coating customers’ materials, including paper, vinyl, foam, film and fabric. 

     Custom Products
        We can convert many, many products  to meet your particular needs.

        As for Slitting, products are manufactured 44", 54", 59" and 60" wide as standard, with wider widths         available. We can slit to any specified width, down to 1/4" wide. Spool winding in narrow widths and
        dry edging are also available.

        When it comes to Sheeting - all double coated and single coated products can be sheeted to custom         specifications.

If your project or application requires special consideration, our experienced staff will work with you to attain a quick and practical solution. Simply click here to contact a representative or call us and we'll be glad to help you achieve whatever it is you need.


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