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Custom Coated Adhesives
Protective Masking Tapes

Stickon offers Protective Tapes, by TLC in 13 different combinations of face stocks and adhesions.  You are assured of finding an ideal match between tape grade, their capabilities and your applications.

These specialty tapes are designed to prevent marring, scratching, or staining of exposed surfaces such as: metal, glass, plastic and more  - throughout the manufacturing and delivery cycle.

We have:

Application Tapes; used to protect decals from fabrication through application.  Grades are available to handle and apply both small and large decals, over smooth or irregular surfaces and under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Pre-Spacing Tapes; These tapes are capable of handling both very fine and large lettering. TLC Protecto-Mask is used to remove pre-spaced die-cut vinyl letters from their release liner and to hand apply them. 

Stencil Tapes; These are pressure sensitive laminates designed to allow letters and graphic shapes to be cut out automatically.  It's applied, the liner is removed and the surface painted or sprayed.  The masking removes without residue.

Pallet Tapes; These pressure sensitive tapes are applied to textile screening pallets where it protects them from sprayed adhesive while eliminating the need for solvent cleaning.  Saves labor, boosts productivity, preserves the environment.

Use protective tapes to protect finished and easily damaged surfaces where a thin, tough and easily removable material is required. Typical applications include protecting finished metals, vinyl or plastic laminates, decorative striping, glass, wood and other vulnerable surfaces.

Protective masking protects the critical surface of your product against scratches, marring, paints, oils, glues, and weathering throughout production, finishing, assembly, storage and shipping.

Email Us or Call 1888-593-8273 for more information, a quote or help with your next project.

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