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Gasketing Tapes and Die Cuts
Polyurethane Foams

Polyurethane Foam is inexpensive, resilient and flexible and can be made in an unlimited number of colors with various densities and in compressions from very soft to semi rigid.

It's excellent for shock absorption of light to medium loads at high frequencies and they're available in custom molded shapes, rods, sheets and tubes.

They are easily laminated to films, pressure sensitive adhesives, fabrics and other types of foams. Polyurethane Foam can be adapted to meet Fire Retardant requirements of the military and government.


Acoustical and Thermal Insulation
Advertising Specialties
Automotive Seating
Carpet Padding
Cushion and Display Packaging
Fruit and Vegetable Protection Packaging
Furniture Cushions
Mattresses and Pillows
Medical Applications
Mops and Sponges
Novelty Items
Protective Packaging
Retail and Promotional Items

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